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Pup-Friendly Places

At The Resort, we’re committed to providing a fun and exciting life for man’s best friend. Your dogs deserve to soak up all that our vibrant community has to offer them – and boy, do we have a lot to offer! Whether you’ve got a small or large dog, multiple or one single pup, The Resort has plenty of built-in amenities (for dogs and humans) you can enjoy together.


Planning the perfect day with your furry friend is a breeze when you live in this community. Starting your day with a trip to the bark park for some off-leash morning exercise will have both you and your dog feeling especially invigorated and ready to take on the day. Your pup will get tons of fresh air, and you’ll get to chat with fellow owners – make lifelong connections over your shared canine love! After all the new friends made and energy spent, it may be time for a serious scrub-down. Head to the dog wash station to give your pooch some pampering – great for him and your home’s floors!



Midday adventures, whether they’re a weekend treat or a lunchtime break from your work-from-home gig, are a great way to bond with your dog. The Resort has a plethora of pathways dotting the community –  all waiting to play a pivotal role in your daily walks. Explore the natural setting of your neighborhood while he gets in some potty breaks (be sure to bring those baggies!) before heading back inside. We recommend stopping to smell the roses (no, really) at the rose garden. You deserve some good sniffs too!


If you’ve got more time – and need more space – Rancho Cucamonga is home to sprawling parks of every kind. Cucamonga-Guasti Regional Park has rolling green hills and a lakeside walking path that will impress any breed. Small pups can trot along the path while bigger dogs roll around in the grass and run alongside their jogging or biking owners. Nearby Old Town Park and Bear Gulch Park also have tons of space for your whole family, pups included, to enjoy a nice picnic after a full day of play.


For all-day adventures, residents at The Resort are lucky to be surrounded by hiking options for every level of experience. The Pacific Electric Inland Empire Trail is an easy, 19.9-mile-long trek from Rancho Cucamonga into San Bernardino. It’s popular with bird-watchers and bikers alike, and if you’re up to completing the entire trail, it typically takes about six hours from end to end. For more experienced hikers (and their equally yoked dogs) the Cucamonga Peak Hike is a challenging trek that yields spectacular views at the top. If you’ve got a day to spare, this 12-mile trail takes around five to seven hours to complete with over 4,000 feet of ascent. Once you reach the peak, there are breathtaking views galore – and we’d recommend packing tons of treats to reward your pooch for a job well done!


We treasure your dogs, their comfort and happiness just as much as you do here at The Resort. To jump-start a brand new life for your family (pets included), explore our neighborhoods and available homes right here. Be sure to keep up with The Resort on Facebook and Instagram to get all the latest news about the community.