The Resort. It’s all in the name—and it’s all here. Step into the resort-style clubhouse, Club on 6th, to take a refreshing dip in the pool or grill and entertain in the barbecue area. Surround yourself with nature at the beautiful green belts and communal gardens. For a sense of togetherness, connect with neighbors and friends at the bark park, gathering spaces and community events. Whether you’re finding your zen or simply some well-deserved down time, The Resort has everything you need for active, healthy living.

There's nothing like that resort-style feeling. Relax in the pool, clink drinks in the outdoor lounge, hit the bocce ball court and wind down around the fire pit with friends and family. This is the happy life.

Bocce balls
Outdoor party
Front – Club on 6<sup>th</sup>

Front – Club on 6th

Lobby – Club on 6<sup>th</sup>

Lobby – Club on 6th

Great Room – Club on 6<sup>th</sup>

Great Room – Club on 6th

Great Room – Club on 6<sup>th</sup>

Great Room – Club on 6th

Gym – Club on 6<sup>th</sup>

Gym – Club on 6th

Multipurpose Room – Club on 6<sup>th</sup>

Multipurpose Room – Club on 6th

Multipurpose Kitchen – Club on 6<sup>th</sup>

Multipurpose Kitchen – Club on 6th

BBQ Area – Club on 6<sup>th</sup>

BBQ Area – Club on 6th

Aerial View – Club on 6<sup>th</sup>

Aerial View – Club on 6th

Pool at Dusk – Club on 6<sup>th</sup>

Pool at Dusk – Club on 6th

Front at Dusk – Club on 6<sup>th</sup>

Front at Dusk – Club on 6th

View of Street – Club on 6<sup>th</sup>

View of Street – Club on 6th

Lady doing yoga

Everything Looks

Healthier From Here

Whether it’s lifting weights in the fitness center or centering your mind in the yoga studio, there’s a space, group or class for every which way you choose to stay fit.

Silhouette of lady doing yoga

Where Every Day Is


When you live at The Resort, you enjoy more than a place to call your own—you come home to a community brimming with fun, events and happenings. And at the heart of everything the lifestyle manager is there to coordinate, oversee and schedule all things social, which means you can join the excitement, meet your neighbors with ease and live in the moment, all without making plans or leaving home.

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